Сертификат шаблон управление аэропортом

The guidance contained in this section is designed to provide principal inspectors (PI) and aviation safety inspectors (ASI) with instructions on how to populate the A025 templates. Air Carrier Supplemental Passenger (more than 60 pax and/or >18,000# payload) Common 119.21(a)(3)(i) (Part 121) and provided, at all times, the certificate holder has written economic authority issued by the Department of Transportation. See Volume 12, Chapter 2, Section 9, Lease, Interchange, and Charter Arrangements, for the wet lease of any aircraft by a U.S. air carrier to a foreign air carrier or foreign person engaged in common carriage wholly outside the United States. The active methods are primarily directed at the immediate airport environment. Electronic recordkeeping systems for records other than those specified by §§ 121.683 and 125.401 are FAA accepted.

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